Virtual Theatre Collection

A 2020 Spring Theatre Collaboration

Last March, amid the Covid-19 Pandemic, theatre students, after the cancellation of not only the planned Spring Musical, Seussical, and the annual Children's Play were longing to take on a theatrical endeavor. So we did what we could with what we had. We purchased scripts. Held virtual auditions. Found Directors. Rehearsed and performed theatre! It was truly a great experience to see some of our seasoned veterans, a few newbies, and even some alumni come together for a true labor of love.

Over the next four weeks we will release these short scenes that were part of our first ever 2019 Virtual Theatre Collection! Let's hope we're back on stage together soon, but until then, sit back and enjoy the show.

Fairmont Theatre


Spies R Us

Written by Craig Sodaro

Directed by Kalliope Bessler

Kalliope Bessler, director, is a 2018 graduate of Kettering Fairmont High School and is currently a student at Loyola University Chicago in theatre and journalism. She is excited to work with the Fairmont Theatre Department again. Kalliope would like to thank Mr. McGarvey for this opportunity and her cast for not thinking that she is an old lady.

S (Charlie James Cute) is a freshman at Fairmont. He played spy S in "Spies ‘R’ Us," an operative with a cold. He enjoys writing, traditional art, and gardening as well as, of course, theater.

P (Ashley Daniels) is excited to be a part of this first-time virtual experience. She is a junior and this will be her second involvement in Fairmont theatre, while being her first role as part of the cast. She wants to thank her parents for being so understanding and supportive during this time as well as her sister for being her best friend and outlet to sanity.

A (Collin Thomas) is a senior and is excited to finish out his high school theatre experience with the Virtual Theatre Collection. His previous roles include Mortimer Brewster in Arsenic and Old Lace and Horton the Elephant in Fairmont’s ill fated production of Seussical. He’d like to thank his family for putting up with all of his noise as he ran lines and rehearsed at home over the past couple weeks.

Y (Sydney Thompson) is a junior and proud to be a part of this new virtual theatre production, making thus her 6th show. She would like to thank her family for helping her with anything she needed the past weeks for the production and the directors for giving her this opportunity.

Virtual Theatre Collection Director, Darren McGarvey

Video Editor, John Gentry

Script acquired from Pioneer Play Service, Virtual Scene Collection #1, Copyright 2020, Pioneer Drama Service, Inc.